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Private notes is the best free google play app, with many great features
Tools and features of private notes.
Applies to phones with clowns running android with other versions.
 Record important information so that users can view and perform tasks When viewing the recorded notes, a new login password is required

Private Notes is an application that protects your notes by creating passwords to track important notes for the user, especially the application that can let you create specific dates and times to Reminds the user to do the work.


Create text notes including title and content, date, year, type of notes.
Calendar calendars can be selected to create notes
Select the time that the user created the task
Edit the note when you have created it
Delete note
Note the details clearly
View account information with the information
    + Total Remarks
    + Total deleted notes
    + App tracking (Log in to app)
    + Email user
    + Phone number

Show notes via calendar
Post notes
Log off automatically
change the password
backup data in phone memory
restore data from phone memory
Sharing through social networks such as zalo, facebook, viber, line
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