In this post, I’m going to show you how to fix “the device got no IP address” error in genymotion. But you seach key “ The virtualBox DHCP server has not assigned and ip address to the virtual device” Sometimes when testing Android application using genymotion emulator we find that the device fails to start. In particular when the devices was unable to obtain an IP address. This error can be fixed opening Virtualbox manager and enable the DHCP server corresponding to the virtual network assigned to the device.
The fist
Open VirtualBox click File -> Preferences->Network - >Host-only Networks.
The Second.
Selecthost-only network assigned to your device and click Edit. Once the edit box comes up make sure to click the checkbox Enable DHCP server. Click Ok.

Finally click on your virtual machine and click Settings then click on network. Make sure where it says “attached to” host-only Network is selected, click okay, and restart the device from genymotion

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